19 JunReview of “Man of Steel”

man of steelFirst of all what kind of person murders someone because they send their baby off into space, its like umm weirdo! General Zod has some MAJOR anger issues!

And Clark didn’t really have a sense of humor… he should work on that. Did anyone get fooled when Clark put glasses on? Cause i didn’t.

Luckily Lois Lane brought some snark to the movie that made it funnier. I liked her curiosity and her ability to run in 3 inch heels.

Overall I liked the movie! I recommend seeing “Man of Steel”

- Cassie (from talkwithcassie.com)

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  1. Lesa B says:

    Good call, Cassie. It’s about time a female character got credit for running in heels! No offense Clark, but let’s see the Man of Steel do that.

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